Consultation Process

Consultation Process

TIS's Consultation Process

TIS's Consultation Process
TIS's Consultation Process

1. Send inquiry form
We welcome any new ideas from you such as ignition coils, MAF sensors. Please first fill in a part number that you are interested in and contact information. You can enter additional messages or questions in the Specific Requirements field. Our salesperson will answer all your questions.

2. Customer service reply
We will confirm the inquiry content with you by email within 24 hours (excluding weekends and holidays). During this period, please be sure to keep an eye on the contact email address you provided.

3. Clarify requirements
To save you precious time and to help us understand your future plans, you can obtain a quote in response to the first email as mentioned above. Our salesperson will contact you as soon as possible.

4. Contract confirmation
Confirm the complete contents of work and planned delivery time. Once decided, a contract shall be signed to ensure the rights of both parties. Common payment method in international trade such as T/T is accepted.

5. Manufacturing and assembly
Arrangements will be made with our factory to produce and package your order. Our salesperson will keep in touch with you at all times, and you are welcome to contact us if you have any queries during this time.

6. Shipment
TIS Company for shipment is all packaged in carton that complies with international product protection standards to avoid damage during delivery.

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