Welcome to Taiwan Ignition System Co., Ltd. a professional manufacturer of Ignition Module , Ignition Coil & Crank angle Sensor for Automobile

Taiwan Ignition System Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Ignition System Co., Ltd. is a burgeoning manufacturer(ISO9001:2008 certified)supplying the Ignition Module, Ignition Coils & Crank Angle Sensor which are the parts of the Distributor for aftermarket.

High performance qualities as well as competitive prices & prompt services allow our products to be exported worldwide.

Besides the regular production, also serve R & D. As nowadays is the age of endless renovation, R & D team with domain knowledge & technologies not only make continual improvement for the current series, but also develop custom-made ignition module products.

Customers' satisfaction is always our prime goal and the superior qualities are always our persistence.

You are welcome to contact us for further information whenever.

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